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Exclusive, amusing, witty, offensive and poignant
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Stop Wars
Neighbourhood witch
shock the neighbours!
Keep Britain Pagan
for open minds...
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England 2010 World Cup Tshirts

Making a point below the belt!

Thanks for taking an interest in the creations of the Prick-Tees merchandising team. Both myself and the rest of my merry band of brigands have devoted immense thought and effort towards bringing you this unique and exclusive range of high-quality clothing.

After months of intensive market-research, these limited-edition fashion-statements have been chosen for retail and wholesale manufacture; They are but a few of the numerous witty and poignant ideas which are presently germinating within the dark recesses of our minds.

Hand made with open minds!

Each of our products has been designed with the intention that it should provoke an immediate reaction. In recent marketing experiments conducted among every strata of the U.K. sub-culture, our shirts have certainly made a lasting impression upon all who beheld them.

They have amused countless enlightened free-thinkers, and upon occasion caused offence in those not blessed with open-minds and a keen sense of humour. This was our burning desire from the very outset.

With artistes as renowned and diverse as Julian Cope, Cradle Of Filth, The Mission, Return To The Sabbat and Rockbitch currently wearing our products, the Prick-Tees team are presently preparing to broaden radically the spectrum of merchandising mirth both here in the U.K. and upon foreign shores.